Seven Signs You Need to Call a Roof Repair Service

You can’t handle the truth about your roof. More than 150,000 Americans work as roofers throughout the country. 

This number may sound a little high. But the reality is that roof problems are everywhere. You are going to run into a problem with your roof eventually, and you need to have the contact info of a roof repair service. 

How can your roof get damaged? What are some problems that you can fix yourself? When should you call a roof repair service? 

Answer these questions and you can keep your roof sturdy for years to come. Here are seven signs you need to call a roof repair company.

1. Your Shingles Are Broken 

Your shingles are the shield for your roof. They protect your roof from falling objects and inclement weather. 

You must pay close attention to your shingles, especially after a rainstorm. If they have fallen off your house, you need to call a roof repair company and fill in the gaps. If your shingles are curling up or cracking, you also need repairs. 

Take photographs of your shingles over time. Shingles that change in color may have mold or mildew on them. You may want to go on your roof and wash your shingles off so you remove mold spores.

2. You Have a Hole in Your Roof

A hole or opening in your roof is no light matter. You can experience a leak, or pests can crawl into your home. 

You should go into your attic and look at your ceilings for signs of problems. If you notice wet spots or stains on your ceiling, you may have a leak in your roof. You also may have a broken pipe, which can damage your roof or cause it to shake. 

Wear and tear around your chimneys and vents can create holes or leaks. Pay attention to any objects that penetrate through your roof and make improvements when you need them. You may need to install flashing so water travels away from these objects.

You can add asphalt roofing materials over your holes. Asphalt roofing has several benefits, including energy efficiency. Talk to your roofing company about whether or not asphalt can fix your roofing issues.

3. Your Roof Is Sagging

Your roof should remain straight, regardless of its pitch or shape. If your roof starts to sag, you need to make immediate repairs. It can fall in on itself, or shingles can fall off of it. 

Find the best roof repair service and ask them to reinforce your roof. They may also need to install new shingles.

Several parts of your roof can sag, including your rafters. Sagging rafters may indicate that water is building inside them, which makes you vulnerable to mold and leaks. Get those repaired right away.

4. The Paint Is Peeling Off

Your paint may peel off for several reasons. Moisture may build up inside your paint, causing it to swell and fall off. The exterior coating of the paint may get stripped off after a storm or renovation. 

You may notice that the colors of your roof are changing. It may develop black streaks or gray spots, which may indicate algae growth. 

You should try repainting your roof yourself. If you notice your paint problems are continuing, you should ask a roof repair service for an inspection. They may ask you to change the humidity in your attic so you have less moisture seeping through your walls.

5. Your Gutters Are Clogged

It is okay if your gutters get clogged with leaves or ice. You can use a high-pressure hose to spray water down them so the clog clears. 

If you ever notice granules in your gutters, you may have a problem with your shingles. They may be breaking into pieces and falling into your gutters. Asphalt roofs can also break down and fall into them. 

6. You Notice Mold

Mold grows in high-moisture areas. A flat roof may have pools of water on it. Mold can grow inside of these pools and then penetrate through the roof into the house. 

Mold can also grow in dark areas. If a tree casts shadows on your roof, you are more likely to have a mold infestation. 

Trimming tree branches is one way to stop mold spread. But you need to go to professionals to take the next steps. They need to spray your roof with mold-killing chemicals and remove materials that contain a lot of mold spores. 

You are not done once the roofing company has left. You should go to a mold removal company to make sure there are no other spores in your house. Mold in your walls or flooring can damage the integrity of your house and trigger allergic reactions.

7. Your Energy Bills Are Going Up

Your roofing is essential to your insulation because heat rises. Your roof should trap or reflect heat so it does not escape.

Pay attention to your monthly energy bills. A spike in your expenses may indicate that your roof is losing insulation. 

You should talk to a roof repair company to make sure your roof is not breaking down. After the company leaves, you should add insulation like radiant barriers, which can reflect heat waves back down into your home.

When You Should Call a Roof Repair Service

Some problems deserve the attention of a roof repair service. Any problem with the integrity of your roof needs immediate help. Broken shingles, holes in your roof, and sagging rafters require assistance. 

You may be able to repaint your roof and unclog your gutters. But if you have frequent problems with paint or gutters, you may need help. 

You should be mindful of mold growth and energy bills. You will need roofing assistance and help from mold removal and insulation repair companies. 

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