7 Major Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

Do you consider installing asphalt roofing for your business premises? If yes, that’s the right move citing the numerous benefits this roofing type has.

Asphalt roofing is prevalent in Illinois and the larger America. As a result, the asphalt shingles market will reach $9.7 billion by 2027. The statistic highlights more commercial property owners realizing the asphalt roof benefits.

When it comes to your business’ roofing options, nothing beats asphalt roofing. However, the roof is only as good as its installer, so a wrong installation is a waste of money. You, therefore, need to find a great roofing company to enjoy asphalt roof benefits.

If you’re wondering how asphalt roofing is beneficial for your business, this article is for you. Continue reading to learn of the seven significant benefits of asphalt roofing.


Consider asphalt roofing if you’re after roofing that’ll offer you outstanding performance. Cost-effectiveness is one of the asphalt roofing benefits you can enjoy.

Business owners are strict about financing, meaning that business projects have a budget. Roofing is no exception, and I’m sure you’d want a cheap but functional option.

Asphalt roofing is reasonably priced, so it won’t strain your budget but lasts a long time. You’ll therefore experience value on your asphalt roofing purchase and installation. Its quality ensures that the roof can remain appealing over the years.

Of course, the value is only obtainable on a great roof installation, so seek out the best in the business. Professional roofing companies will handle the asphalt roof installation for a cost-effective outcome.

Energy Efficient

You should check the energy efficiency of items at your office to reduce energy costs. One of the ways to achieve improved energy efficiency is by installing an asphalt roof.

Asphalt roofing provides a cooler interior since its system can withstand heat. Asphalt shingles also are specifically designed to suit your unique energy efficiency needs. You can thus choose a lighter shingle tone to reflect a higher amount of the sun’s energy.

The sun ray’s reflection off the roof reduces the shingle surface temperature. You’re assured of minimal to zero interior heating with a cooler roof. Therefore, your AC will not need to run as often, saving you money in the long term.

An asphalt roofing will serve you in the summer and during colder months. Asphalt roofs are great insulators meaning they don’t let any heat from the office. If you’re thinking of a new roof option, the asphalt roofing will serve you well for all seasons.

Great Impact Rating

Are you worried about the impact that hailstones will have on your roof? Worry no more! Asphalt roofing has a pretty impressive impact rating meaning it can withstand hailstorms.

Most of the extensive hailstorms in Illinois occur during Spring. Therefore, it’s natural that you’re concerned about your roof since hail can cause damage.

Most asphalt roofing shingles feature excellent impact-resistant shingle performance ratings. Impact-rated shingles will prevent hail damage. You can thus access a reduction in your insurance premium, so speak to your insurer.

Design Versatility

Asphalt roofs are a great choice if you’re looking to fit your property’s architectural style. Their design versatility makes asphalt roofing suitable for your business premise.

The roof design can make or break your business’ design, so you need to choose it properly. The asphalt shingles come in various colors and designs to complement your building’s style. You thus need to be selective with the design you go for to ensure curb appeal.

Consult with a commercial roofing service on the shingle design suitable for you. You’ll likely get a recommendation for an option that works for your commercial property.

Withstand High Winds

Non-storm high winds are common within Illinois, so you’d want a roof that can withstand all that. Look no further than the asphalt roofing since you can count on them to stay put.

High winds are notorious for lifting shingles which can cause a leaky roof. You wouldn’t want water sneaking in under your roof, right? Choose a roof that’s able to sustain the higher wind speeds and serve you for long.

Asphalt roofing innovations include shingles that withstand winds of up to 130 mph. Ensure your shingles have a Class F or H rating if high wind speeds are common in your area. Also, check out manufacturers that offer high wind warranties for your roof.

For the roof to withstand high winds, you must install it per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Find an expert to handle roofing installation for you to work as expected.

Ease of Installation And Repairs

Do you want a roof that’s easy to install and repair? Asphalt shingles are the ideal roofing materials for your needs due to their easy installation.

Installation determines the roof’s performance, so you need to achieve the proper structure. However, shingles that are complex to install thus increase the chances of a bad roof. You wouldn’t want that, so go for asphalt roofs since they’re easy to install.

You need to call on a professional roofer to handle installations and roof repairs for you. The better they are at the job, the better the roof will serve you. Roofs with easier maintenance are better for you since they can help you save.

Algae Resistant

The algae problem is also a common problem in the roofing industry. Asphalt roofs are algae-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the issue.

Algae growing on your roof look like a giant black stain spread on your roof. Therefore, it’d affect the curb appeal, which you wouldn’t want, right? Choose asphalt roofs since they have built-in algae resistance to maintain your roof’s appearance.

You Now Know The Major Benefits Of Asphalt Roofing

Your search for a suitable roof for your business should end with asphalt roofing. The above tips are major asphalt roofing benefits, allowing you to choose the best options. Hire the best roofers for proper asphalt shingle installation to enjoy the benefits.

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