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Quality and Reliability

Locally owned & operated, we are fully insured, accredited & certified. We are proud to deliver best-in-class (6) nails Hand-Nailed Roofing Systems.

Warranty Period Protection

Every Roof we installed is warrantied in Writing. Every customer who choose to trust us will not be left alone during the time of the warranty period.

It Is About You!

For your convenience we provide FREE estimates & inspections, flexible appointment availability, as well as home delivery & in-home sample showing. We adopted fully consultative approach, and will happily perform pre-installation inspections.

Certified & Accredited

Purchasing a new roof involves a combination of best products and best roofing services. During this purchase process it is very important to understand the role of roofing contractor and the role of manufacturer. At Mid-State Roofing we’re certified with best roofing manufacturers to ensure that every roof we install has the warranty for your investment.

Your Investment

Mid-State Roofing ensures your investment is protected from the elements by utilizing quality products, trained professional staff, and over a decade of professional roofing experience.

The staff at Mid-State Roofing provides peace of mind, knowing that your roof will protect your investments for years to come.

We stand behind our work, ensuring that your roof will beat the test of time. Call our professional staff today at 1-618-487-9029.

Free Quality Inspection

Contact our professional staff for your free roof inspection to identify weather related damages, faulty installation, or warranty claims. Our professional staff will identify issues with your roof to ensure your family and property is protected from the elements.


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