Asphalt Roof Repair or Replacement: A Guide for Homeowners

Did you know that new roofs and added insulation can improve your home’s energy efficiency by nearly twice as much? Doubling your energy efficiency can lower electricity bills and improve your home’s comfort. 

In fact, if you have noticed your monthly utility bills rising, one of the sole problems could be your roof. So, should you choose an asphalt roof repair or replacement? 

Both drastically differ in costs, but a replacement can add aesthetic appeal and long-term cost savings. Luckily, if you are on the fence about a roof repair or a replacement, we have a must-read article for you. 

In our complete guide, we will review the differences between the two and when you might find a repair more worth your time than a replacement. Keep reading on for more information!

What Is an Asphalt Roof Repair?

Repairing asphalt roof shingles is a cost-friendly way to prevent further roof damage and extend the longevity of your asphalt roof. A roof repair is ideal for:

  • Broken or missing asphalt roof shingles
  • Coarse granules in gutters
  • Interior ceiling damage (e.g., blistering paint, staining)
  • Sagging
  • Higher energy bills

There are two scenarios where you would likely choose a repair over a replacement. First, the damage might be minimal. Strong storm systems or wear and tear can cause localized damage to a few shingles. 

Avoiding repairing asphalt shingles can result in an entire roof replacement or higher repair costs. Luckily, repairing asphalt shingles is relatively easy and cost-friendly for experienced asphalt roofing contractors. 

After high winds or heavy storms, walk around the outside of your home, checking for damage. Second, if you have a newer asphalt roof that had poor workmanship or installation, you might need some repairs to strengthen your roof’s integrity.

What Is an Asphalt Roof Replacement?

On average, an asphalt roof’s lifespan is around 20 years. It is crucial to know how long you have had your roof when weighing whether or not you should opt for a replacement. 

If your asphalt roof is near or at the 20-year mark, you will likely save more money choosing a roof replacement. Why?

With time, your roof needs more repairs and can result in more interior damage, raising costs. Ultimately, talking to a qualified roofing contractor can help you determine if your money is better spent on a new roof. 

There are two other reasons you would need an asphalt roof replacement:

  • Severe damage
  • Selling your house

Severe damage from storms, fallen trees, or improper installation may only leave you with the option for a full roof replacement. It can also be challenging to match asphalt shingle colors and designs.

Second, if you try and sell your home, it may be contingent upon a roof replacement. New homeowners could find an aged roof a liability, or replacing your roof could boost its market appeal. 

Plus, upgrading your entire roof allows you to pick higher-quality materials. Even simple things like switching from three-tab shingles to laminated shingles might be the turning point for taking your home off the market. 

How Much Does an Asphalt Shingle Roof Cost?

A typical asphalt roof repair can cost between a few hundred to a thousand dollars, on average. Asphalt shingles are cost-friendly and widely available, making them an excellent choice for a budget-friendly roof. 

Other than roofing materials, most of the cost is labor. However, opting to repair roof shingles yourself could create even more damage. Along with regularly inspecting your roof, you should have a professional contractor perform maintenance roof checks.

Professional inspections and roof cleanings can prolong your roof’s lifespan. Also, avoid storing unnecessary items on your roof and replacing other roofing materials as needed, such as flashing or gutters. 

Replacing your asphalt shingle roof can cost between $5,000 to $12,000. Some of the factors that determine the final price tag are:

  • Where you live
  • Materials
  • Labor cost fluctuations
  • The difficulty of removing previous roofing materials
  • Disposal of previous roofing materials

On average, asphalt shingles are easier to purchase and install than other materials like metal. For example, metal roof costs are around $7 to $20 per square foot. Asphalt roofs are around two to six times less than that.

Whether you opt for a roof replacement or repair, ask about warranties on workmanship and materials. Some asphalt roofs could have extended warranties past 20 years that will cover damages. 

How To Find an Asphalt Roof Contractor

Finding a qualified roofing contractor makes a significant difference in the longevity of your roof. Proper installation, maintenance, and repairs help your asphalt roof last longer than 20 years and avoid insulation or ceiling damage. 

Here are some tips for finding a professional contractor:

  • Look at companies near you
  • Ask about qualifications, certifications, and/or licensure
  • Ask about insurance
  • Ask about warranties
  • Read online reviews
  • Ask family and friends

Ultimately, you need a company that employs licensed contractors with vast experience. They should have insurance covering them for any injuries that occur at the worksite. Additionally, reading online reviews can give you a good insight into the communication, pricing, and reliability of a company. 

Fix Your Asphalt Roofing

Have you wondered if you need an asphalt roof repair or replacement? A new roof costs thousands, and many homeowners prefer affordable repairs over replacing their entire roof, if possible.

The best way to determine what type of labor you need is to have a roofing contractor inspect your asphalt roof. They can advise on materials, costs, and warranties. 

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