What to Expect When Getting Your New Roof Installed

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On average, it takes around $8,000 to replace a roof in the US. This is one of the biggest renovations that can take place on a property, yet an entirely essential one. But do you know what to expect from the process?

The process can be noisy and disruptive, so you need to prepare. Read on as we discuss everything you need to know about getting a new roof installed.

Preparing for a Roof Replacement

While the roofing company won’t have workers inside your home, you can expect a lot of disruption. A roof installation can shake the whole house, sending vibrations through the structure. No long-term damage will happen, but it will get messy. 

Address the Attic

The first place to begin preparing is in the attic, as it will be near the work taking place. Remove any fragile items and place them downstairs. Ideally, if you can clear the attic of anything you consider valuable, it is advised. 

This space will also get most of the dust and dirt from the renovation. Lay dust sheets or tarp over the remaining boxes and items to protect them. 

Secure the Rest of the Home

Once the attic is secured, you can prepare the rest of the house. As part of your service, the roofers should place boards over the windows to protect them from falling debris. Check that they will be doing this and if not, start the job yourself. 

After this is complete, remove any fragile items or ones attached to the wall. The hammering and movement could cause them to fall and smash. Lay them flat and cover them in packaging such as bubble wrap until the renovation is over.

Preparing the Home Exterior for a Roof Replacement

The exterior of the house and your yard will also need some preparation. Start by moving any vehicles away from the property, including your garage and driveway. Not only does this ensure they won’t get damaged, but it also increases access for the roofing company.

Begin to clear the garden of any other items. Furniture, grills, or children’s toys should all get moved out of harm’s way. To be safe, ensure there is about a 15ft clearance around the border of the house. 

Finally, you may wish to mark any features which can’t move. This may include items of value, such as large planters or pots, or things that may be a hazard, such as garden ponds. 

The Roof Installation Process

There are several stages in the process of roof installation. We outline the major works below. 

Removing the Old Roof

For a full replacement, your roofing company will need to remove the old covering. Adding new layers on top of an existing one can damage the structure of the building as it places a lot of weight on the frame. Instead, it is best to remove everything and start with a blank canvas. 

This is a large and dangerous job. Make sure you wear protective equipment if you are around when this takes place. 

Installation of Barriers

Even in areas without heavy rainfall, you still need adequate protection that can withstand heavy rainfall. A water barrier placed around the edges of the roof and nailed down will stop it from lifting during winds. This barrier can prevent leaks. 

Another layer of water protection will go on top of this. This will have a drip edge that goes on the bottom part of the roof. Laying on top of the first barrier, it prevents water from running over and inside the roof siding. 

Roofing underlayment is the next application. Made of water-resistant materials, it comes in varying degrees of thickness. Once you have chosen the thickness you want, you can then decide between a felt or an additional synthetic layer. 

Installing the Shingles

Once the base layers have been installed, the shingles can be added. They will be added one on top of the other, with the one above slightly overlapping the one beneath. This is to ensure water runs away from the roof and does not filter back in. 

This will be followed by a final cleanup. An inspection should occur to see that everything has been done to a high standard. For purposes of safety, all debris and trash should be removed. 

Before and After the New Roof Installation

When you install a roof, a thorough job will take time and preparation. Therefore, you need a full breakdown of what will go on before and after. 

Leading Up to the Installation

A few days before the installation begins, you may get a dumpster delivered to your home. If you have asphalt shingles, then your roof installers may be sending them to get recycled into new road materials. This will mean a second dumpster should arrive. 

Your new shingles will turn up a few days before. Move vehicles and create space if they are going to be placed on your driveway. 

After the Installation

A day or two after the installation, the dumpsters will be picked up from your property. You may have an appointment with someone from the company who will do a final check and collect any payment. If you have any warranty with your roof, either materials or labor, then make sure you register them. 

Finding a Reliable Roofing Company

Now you know the process you have an idea of what will happen during your new roof installation. All you have left to do is find a reliable local expert. Make sure they have great reviews and are fully licensed. 

Mid-State Construction and Roofing should be your first stop. We have both commercial and residential roofing services for all your needs. Click here to contact us about your next major renovation project. 

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