The Complete Guide to Choosing Asphalt Roof Shingles for Homeowners

When you have chosen asphalt shingles for your roof, you’ve made an excellent choice. They resist algae and fire and take minor damage from wind and hail. In addition, both their initial cost and any future maintenance costs are cheap. 

However, choosing asphalt roof shingles for your home is just the first decision. Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, coatings, and many other traits. This can make picking the perfect shingle type overwhelming. 

Don’t worry, though! Read through this guide and the entire process will become a lot easier. 

The Aesthetic of Your Home

How shingles look seems a secondary feature compared to how they function. Still, choosing shingles that don’t match your home can have consequences.

For example, your home’s value could suffer. An ugly home can also make you feel unhappy. You’re also likely to feel unhappy for a long time, considering how long your shingles will last. 

Therefore, it’s important to keep aesthetics in mind when you’re searching for shingles. Don’t just blindly choose a lighter tone and a square shape, for instance. Consider if a darker tone and/or rounded shape is better and so on. 

It’s also easy to see how your home matches with a certain shape and tone. Find pictures of different asphalt shingles online. Print these pictures out and hold them up next to your home’s exterior. 

Also, if your community has an HOA, consider their regulations. The aesthetic of your home may need to match those of your neighbors’. You don’t want to get fined or forced to walk back a complicated project. 

The Climate of Your Area 

Asphalt shingles fare relatively well in all kinds of weather. However, certain asphalt shingle features work better under specific conditions.

For example, certain sealants and primers can give asphalt shingles better sunlight protection. This helps their color not fade as fast and keeps your home cool. Lighter-toned shingles can also keep out heat better than darker-toned ones. 

In addition, some asphalt shingles may crack in the cold or fly away under heavy wind conditions. Other types are reinforced with a rebar system. This gives them extra durability in the face of these dangerous conditions. 

Be sure to make a list of the weathers your home could face. Then look at the weather resistance features different asphalt shingle styles have. Choose the shingle types that will fare best against your local climate. 

The Build of Your House

Certain asphalt shingle features may not be as necessary with certain homes. For instance, your home may already be well insulated. This means heat-absorbing features aren’t an important consideration for your shingles.

The shape of your roof can also affect shingle effectiveness. Gable roof shapes are more prone to high winds than hip roofs. If your roof has the latter shape, opt for wind-resistant shingles.

The possibility of adding a feature to your home is also on the table. A waterproof covering can be added to your roof before the shingles. You won’t need to choose heavily waterproofed shingles then. 

Overall, be sure to research all your home’s features and possible features. This can help you choose between asphalt shingle features and/or possibly save you money. 

The Cost and Quality of the Shingles

Comparing roof shingle costs and qualities tends to be straightforward. It’s rare for less expensive shingles to perform better than more expensive ones. However, your budget may stop you from getting the quality that you desire.

One trick is to look at the price differences between brands. Different places may sell products that are similar but have differing prices. These price differences may be small, but they can add up.

You should also not be too cheap, if possible. Buying lower quality, less expensive may seem economical at the time. However, replacement and maintenance costs can add up over the shingles’ lifespans. 

Another trick is to ask local roofing businesses about what brands they prefer to use. This can help you choose between two options that both seem great. 

The Method of Installation 

Once you choose your shingles, you need to decide how to install them. You can choose to install them yourself or have a professional perform the task.

However, installing roof shingles is best done by a professional. He or she won’t make the costly mistakes that you can. You will also be safe from the consequences of falls or roof damage. 

This may, at first, seem like the more expensive choice. However, fixing any mistakes that you make can quickly add up. It’s also a good idea to avoid any possible hospital bills. 

The Differences Between Roofers

If you decide on hiring a professional service, there are many ways you can choose the best one. Comparing prices is one method. However, you should also consider the company’s level of experience and customer satisfaction.

Also, a roofing company may not have the proper certifications for installing asphalt shingles. You should check that a company has this by contacting them or looking at their website

Choosing Asphalt Roof Shingles Can Be Easy

Choosing asphalt roof shingles doesn’t need to be difficult. It just may take a while to get all the information that you need. This will all be worth it, though, when you choose shingles that look good and last a long time.

If you’re struggling with your choice, however, call us! Our customer service will be pleased to answer any questions you have. 

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