The Amazing Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

Are you currently in the market for a new roof for your Effingham property? Do you wonder if there is a different material that you should be installed on your roof? If so, then you need to consider installing a metal roof on your residential or commercial property. 

Doing so can offer you many great benefits. It can give you a roof that lasts longer, requires less maintenance and offers a high return on your initial investment.

See below for an in-depth guide listing all of the benefits that you’ll get access to if you were to install a metal roof on your Effingham property.

1. Durability

Most people know that a typical roof only lasts a decade or two. With frequent maintenance from a trusted roofing expert, you can extend its life to 30 years, if you’re lucky. 

But did you know that metal roofs can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years without ever needing to be replaced? Even if it’s on the lower end of that scale, you’re giving yourself 10 to 20 more years before paying for a replacement.

They also don’t succumb to a lot of the different setbacks that a normal roof has, such as cracking, puddling, pooling water, or materials tearing off in high winds (such as shingles would).

All of this can give you peace of mind as the Effingham property owner. While most others are worried about how the changing seasons will affect their roof, you’ll know that yours is up for the challenge. 

This long lifespan is virtually assured due to the resistance of the metal. Metal is waterproof, won’t spark into flames, and can endure incredibly high winds during a storm. 

To get the most out of your metal roof, you will want to team up with a professional roofing service to ensure safe installation and maintenance over the life of your roof.

2. Energy-Efficiency

Most people are sick of looking at their energy bills and watching the rates climb month after month. They make renovations to try and correct the problem but aren’t having any luck.

What they don’t know is that it could be their roof that’s the issue. An aging roof will lose its ability to insulate the building below, causing the outside air to make its way inside, and vice versa. 

Common roofing materials take the brunt of the heat from UV rays. Over time, that constant access to the sun will wear these materials down and cause them to deteriorate, crack, or tear off.

Metal roofs, however, can boost the energy efficiency of your property. Instead of soaking in the sunlight as most roofing materials do, the metal reflects the UV rays away, thus keeping the temperature from spiking inside your home.

This is especially crucial during those muggy midwestern summers, where even the slightest rise in temperature can cause your HVAC system a panic.

Metal roofs are also natural insulators. The heat/cold from outside will have a hard time finding its way into your home with a metal roof installed on top of it.

3. High Return on Your Investment

Say no more, right? If there is a way to get a higher return on your investment, then most homeowners and property owners are happy to do so.

While a metal roof might cost more upfront, the longer lifespan can easily justify the higher cost. Seeing as how the roof can last twice as long (if not longer) than most other materials, it’s easy to see why a metal roof gives you a great ROI.

Metal roofs are also a great way to boost the resale value of your home. Interested buyers and agents view them as an added amenity. Buyers these days are more educated than ever before. They know the energy-efficiency that metal roofs can bring home.

The best part? You can recoup up to 95-percent of the cost that you paid to install your metal roof. 

4. Lower Maintenance

Unlike so many other roofing materials out there, metal roofs typically don’t require much maintenance. In fact, they don’t require any maintenance from the property owner.

The maintenance they do require is routine professional inspection. We recommend that you schedule roof maintenance (regardless of material) twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall.

With other materials, you may have to schedule repairs after one of Effingham’s patented thunderstorms. Not so with metal roofs. Thanks to their resistance against most common elements, you’ll never have to call for backup when you see a shingle fall off your roof.

5. Year-Round Protection

Imagine having total peace of mind about your roof, regardless of what season you’re in. If you schedule routine maintenance, then you’ll always have a firm understanding of the condition of your metal roof.

Metal roofs offer the highest level of security, no matter what time of year it is. In the winter, the metal holds up to the weight of snow and even causes it to slide off the roof.

During the summer, your home will be protected from high winds, torrential rain, and potential fires as well. The metal roof will take the beating so that your family and belongings stay safe inside.

Invest in a Metal Roof for Your Property Today

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, a metal roof can offer you the highest return on your investment. Be sure to start that process for yourself today.

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