Standing Seam Metal Roof

Mid-State Roof systems only use top quality material and professional techniques to deliver the most reliable roofing systems available. Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems help increase the lifespan of your roof if done correctly.

Mid-State Roofing provides reliable metal roofs by leveraging decades of experience and quality products. Our roof systems out perform others due to our quality products and services.

When comparing Standing Seam systems, consider the differences between our superior products and services compared to the others.

standing seam

Understand The Difference

  • We use 24 gauge material only, which is 34% thicker than 26 guage and 60% thicker than 28 gauge. 
  • All of our metals are Kynar finish, which means that it holds it’s color sheen longer.  SMP and others will fade within one to two years. 
  • Everything is hemmed so no fasteners are exposed in critical areas such as valleys and eave edges. 
  • The striated panels create multi facets that reflect the light at various angles, which results in a crisp aesthetically clean look. 
  • One final highlight is that we use a hidden clip system that allows for thermal movement.  The snap fastened panels tend to result in oil canning and can pop during heavy winds.  The clip system is geared towards the commercial end, but makes for a nice heavy duty residential system.

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