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Residential Roofing

Mid-State Construction and Roofing, Inc. roots go decades back in the residential market. We know that roof replacements for a homeowner can often times be one of the most expensive decisions or investment that the homeowner will make.

We deliver quick, flawless, and very neat roofing. At the end of every job, we perform a walkthrough with the owner to ensure you are 100% satisfied..


We always get the question is what is the warranty?  Our response is that warranties only as good as who you deal with.  Roofing statistics have shown that 66% of issues are related to labor and only 10% is attributed to materials.  However, when warranties are mentioned, the manufacturer’s material warranty is given, not the contractors.  It is important for you to feel comfortable with who you are dealing with and that you obtain the contractor’s warranty.

Mid-State is a debt free company that has long term employees.  Our employees care about the trade / skill and that’s why we do not see a high turnover rate, setting us apart from our competition.

Mid-State uses local vendors from within the community for supplying our residential shingles.

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