Fleeceback Membrane Roof Repair in Shelbyville, IL

201 Chestnut, Shelbyville, IL 62565

Shelby County, 6000 ft Roof

Existing roof was improperly installed and leaking. Roof was a concrete deck.  Used low rise adhesive to concrete deck to be adhered to deck.  A tapered system was used to create a positive drainage system.  This put a slope so it could drain correctly.  The thicker the rubber the longer it last 115-mil is the thickness.

This building had a leaking roof and the old roof was damaged. The damage was caused by old age and an improperly installed roof.

We installed Carlisle FLEECEBACK 115-mil roof system Carlisle Fleece BACK Adhered Roofing System and Adhesive- a low- rise, spray-applied. This work has a 20 year Golden Seal Warranty. We created correct drainage for the flat roof and eliminated the leaks.

Mid-State Construction and Roofing Inc. has been helping many business owners in the Shelbyville, IL area with their construction and roofing for over 25 years. Here’s what we did for this business and what we can do for yours.

Fleeceback Membrane Strengths

Available in 100- or 115-mil thicknesses• Provides 40% greater puncture resistance than standard 60-mil sheeting• Exhibits 180% greater tear resistance than standard 60-mil sheeting• Greater Dynamic Puncture Strength than Modified (ASTM D 5635-94) all materials used for the roofing installation are manufactured or marketed by Carlisle. A maximum peak gust wind speed coverage of 80 miles per hour is standard Quality Assurance Carlisle Authorized Roofing Contractors have received training to install Fleece Back systems.  The FleeceBACK Adhered Roofing System utilizes FAST Adhesive- a low-rise, spray-applied adhesive to adhere insulation to the substrate. FAST is then sprayed onto the insulation and FleeceBACK is rolled into the wet adhesive. Adjoining sheets are spliced together using Carlisle’s innovative Factory-Applied SecureTAPE.

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