9 Signs You Need a New Roof for Your Home

Did you know a residential roof can last between 20 to 25 years, depending on the type of material?

However, it is exceptionally critical that you inspect your roof for signs of failures to avoid expensive repairs down the road. Sometimes when a roof reaches the end of life, no preventive maintenance or repair will keep it.

Do you want to know how to determine whether your roof needs replacement? Read on to learn about eight signs you need a new roof for your home.

1. Roof Leaks

One of the obvious signs you need a new roof installation is leaks.

It would be best if you went up to your attic, preferably after a rainfall, to determine whether you have a leak on your roof. Look for any sign of water intrusion. Most home leaks are likely to originate from this area.

However, if leaks are only confined to some regions of your roof, you may not need a complete roof installation. But if the cases are widespread, you should not hesitate to hire a professional to inspect your roof.

2. Roof Cracks and Rot

Roof cracks are usually caused by wind damage. However, whether to repair or replace the roof is determined by the severity of the damage.

For instance, if just a few shingles are damaged, it would be impractical to replace the whole roof. However, if the cracks are dispersed randomly all over your roof, it is a clear sign you need a new roof.

If you want to look for signs of cracks, you can go up to your attic, turn the light off, and then inspects your roof. Do you see any signs of holes or cracks in the roof?

If you find cracks or holes, it is recommended you consider contacting a professional who will determine whether you need to fix your roof with a repair or a complete replacement.

Do you know a rotting roof can pose a serious structural issue to your house, such as ceiling cracks, crumbling concrete, sagging roof, among others? Thus, you must identify the rotting roof earlier to minimize damage.

4. Algae Growth in Your Attic

The growth of algae tends to hinder water flow on your roof.

For instance, roof moss or mold, gaps may develop that let water into your attic. From there, it to flows to your walls and ceilings.

If you see or smell molds in the attic, it means you either have a roof leak problem or improper ventilation.

Though algae growth may seem harmless, it can indeed cause your shingles to deteriorate. The damage may proceed to the roof deck, where they can do more damage.

5. Deteriorated Shingles

Shingles age and begin to deteriorate. For instance, when wood and asphalt shingles reach near the end of their life, their edges start to curl.

Thus, when you see more stray shingles on your roof, it is a clear indication your roof might be near its end. However, if only a few shingles are missing, it may also be a sign the other shingles are aging and are not in the best shape.

6. Sunken Roof Deck

Does your roof have an uneven or sunken deck? This is the most significant sign of a rooting roof.

You should have a roofer check your roof if you see any signs. Furthermore, if you are in the attic, you may notice that some parts of the roof deck have bowed in. This condition requires urgent actions as it can worsen the situation.

7. Debris in the Gutters

When aging asphalt near the end of their life, they usually start shedding embedded granules and deposit them in the gutters.

If you start seeing more granules, you should consider replacing a roof sooner.

In the case of clay roofing, you may find pieces of mortal falling down and getting stuck in the gutters. This is another good sign that they no longer connect tiles to seal elements.

8. Sagging Roofline

Look at the shape of your roofline. Is it straight and strong?

It could signify deterioration if you see dipping, curving, or sagging. Though a sagging roof can be caused by framing issues, the problem can cause water saturation issues in the deck.

A sagging roof may also be accompanied by visible shingle damage. If the roof is not replaced, the problem can worsen and cause partial or complete damage to the deck.

9. Your Roof Is Old

Most of the roofing lasts for 20 to 25 years, depending on the type of material. Here are life expectancies of common roofing materials:

• Architectural shingles can last up to 30 years

• Wood shingles up to 40 years

• Clay tiles 50 years

• Metal roof up to 50 years, and

• Slates over 100 years

Even when your roof is not showing signs of deformation but is nearing its end, you should always be prepared for the roof replacement. Consider calling a local roofing company to get an estimate.

Don’t Ignore the Above Signs You Need a New Roof

Don’t ignore the problem; a professional roofer will do a thorough roof inspection and determine whether your roof needs replacement or repair.

Have you noted any of the above signs you need a new roof? If yes, worry no more.

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