7 Things to Look For in the Best Roofing Services Near Me

As a homeowner, you can expect to replace your roof about every 20-30 years. In the meantime, you’ll have some minor repairs to make, especially in the wake of severe weather.

Whether the job is large or small, finding the best roofing contractor can be a challenge. There are over 109,000 roofing companies in the US, so your search for “roofing services near me” can yield an overwhelming number of results.

How can you narrow your list to the best roofing service in your locale? Here are seven important things to look for.

1. Stellar Ratings & Reviews

Every roofing company will claim to be the best, but you won’t know for sure until you hear what their customers have to say. 

Start your research by reading customer reviews and testimonials on the company’s website. Next, check third-party review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau. You should also explore their Google business listing for unbiased reviews.

One or two negative comments aren’t necessarily enough to write them off. But beware of a string of poor reviews, especially if they all complain about the same things. In general, customers should have only glowing things to say about the company’s professionalism and quality of work.

2. Proper Accreditation

It’s always best to hire a roofing contractor that is a fully accredited and licensed professional. In the state of Illinois, all professional roofing contractors are required to have a state license.

This professional license means that the roofer is serious about their work. It also ensures that they’re up-to-date on all the requirements to perform their work legally and properly.

Verify the contractor’s credentials by asking for their license number or tax identification number, along with their business contact information. You can use these details to make sure their license is active and in good standing.

3. Worker’s Comp & Liability Insurance

Even when everyone is being careful, accidents can happen on any job site. Verify that the roofing company you’re considering is fully insured — just in case something goes wrong.

Worker’s compensation coverage protects the contractor and their employees if anyone gets injured on the site. Meanwhile, liability insurance protects your home and property in the event of accidental damage during the project.

4. Certifications & Areas of Specialty

Next, find out about any advanced certifications or training the contractor has received. This is especially important if you’re making a major change, such as upgrading to a standing seam metal roof.

For example, some shingle manufacturers offer product-specific training to ensure proper installation. Has the roofing contractor received any specific training for the products they offer?

You might also consider additional specialties that could be relevant to your project, such as spray-applied polyurethane foam. Even if you’re staying with classic asphalt shingles, you want a professional that prioritizes both materials and workmanship.

5. Locally Owned & Operated

This goes beyond the simple convenience factor. A locally-run business will be familiar with not only national building codes but also requirements at a city and county level.

Choosing a roofing company near you also means you’ll get prompt service when you need it — especially in the event of an emergency.

For example, Mid-State Roofing offers professional roofing services from Effingham to Vandalia (and all communities in between). We can respond quickly to your roofing needs at any time, which might not be the case with a company based in St. Louis or Springfield. 

6. Reliable Communication

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get in touch with someone who won’t return your calls. As you speak with different roofing services, pay close attention to their communication style.

For starters, how long do you have to wait to speak with someone when you call? You’ll quickly get frustrated if you have to sit through endless voice prompts or deal with disinterested customer service reps.

What about when you leave a message for them to contact you? Do they promptly respond to your messages and emails? Or do you sit around for hours or even days waiting for a reply?

The best roofing companies will gladly give each customer the time and attention they deserve. If you get the impression that the contractor doesn’t value your time, keep searching for someone who does.

7. A Clearly Written Estimate & Contract

Never agree to work with a contractor who only provides verbal estimates. Not only is it unprofessional, but it could leave you with little recourse if something goes awry. A professional roofing service will always give you a detailed written estimate following your consultation.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to read it or sign it right away. The contractor should be happy to let you review it in your own time. They should also patiently answer any questions you have or clarify any details that aren’t clear.

The same is true when they present you with the written contract. Make sure you understand and agree on all the details (including the fine print) before you sign on the dotted line.

Roofing Services Near Me in Effingham, Illinois

With so many roofing services out there, it’s not always easy to find the best company in your area. As you research different roofing companies in your locale, use the tips above to guide you to the right contractor for your home.

If your search for “roofing services near me” led you to this page, we’re glad you’re here. Mid-State Roofing is locally owned and operated and we are fully accredited and insured to provide the best roofing service in South Central Illinois.

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