7 Signs You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement

According to Fortune Business Insights, the roofing materials market size will reach $88.85 billion globally by the end of 2022. Market research shows that this market size will grow to $112.47 billion by 2029, at a compound annual growth rate of 3.4%.

You must consider various things when looking for a commercial roof replacement. You’ll need to know your budget before looking for commercial roof services.

Also, it’d help get a commercial roofing contractor for quality work in your commercial roof replacement project. You must also understand the local building codes before your business roofing installation.

The rules in these codes will guide you in selecting the appropriate roof materials for your commercial roof repair. In most cases, commercial roofs won’t last a lifetime.

Here are the seven signs you need a commercial roof replacement.

1. Musty Odors

If you start smelling musty odors in your commercial building, the chances are high that there’s mold and algae growth. Having mold grow in your building can cause serious health issues to the occupants of your commercial building.

You can control mold growth by cleaning your building thoroughly in some scenarios. You can also adjust your HVAC system to stop the spread of mold growth by driving out excessive humidity.

Seeking commercial roof services can help improve air quality inside your commercial building. You can schedule simple commercial roof repairs to solve your mold growth issues.

2. The Presence of Bubbles and Blistering

Have you noticed bubbles or pockets in your commercial roof and couldn’t tell the problem? Well, the chances are that your commercial roof has an underlying problem.

Often, a damaged commercial roof will accumulate moisture or air trapped beneath. The trapped air and moisture help the formation of blisters and bubbles along your commercial roofing membrane.

You’ll need to get rid of your commercial roof bubbles before you can repair the damaged part of the roof. While the roof repairs are still possible, it’s recommendable to seek commercial roofing as a cost-effective option.

Recurring roof blisters could imply that the entire roof membrane needs fixing. It’s also safe to say that roof blisters may not always be the source of your commercial roof problems.

Your commercial roof could be leaking from another spot. Ensure you inspect your commercial roofing well to identify the exact problems that need fixing.

3. Loose Roof Materials and Water Damages

Your commercial roof materials may loosen over time due to harsh weather conditions like high winds and heavy downpours. Having loose gutter and iron sheets will increase the size of your commercial roof damage.

This can increase your monthly energy bills and shorten your commercial roof’s service life. It’d help to seek commercial roof services to fix the loose parts on your commercial roofing.

Water leakages on your business roofing can cause damage to your ceiling, floors, and roof walls. You can check for patches on your ceiling to determine leaks on your commercial roof.

Other signs of a leaking roof include water stains on the walls and peeling paints. It’s wise to contact a business roofing contractor to repair your commercial roof.

It will save you extra commercial roof replacement costs.

4. Sagging Roof

After heavy rain falls, you may notice the rainwater remains on your commercial roof. After several days, the held-up water will make your roof start to sag.

Usually, sagging or drooping rooflines are signs of roof leakages. These roof leaks can compromise your commercial roofing sheaths, rafters, and joints.

You can plan for roof repairs on the compromised parts of your commercial roofs, leaving the unaffected areas as they were. Nevertheless, it’ll all depend on the magnitude of your roof damage and its implication on the whole roof.

If you have a broad dropping or sagging roofline, it will help to consider your commercial roof replacement.

5. Clogged Drainages

The amount of rainfall received should match the amount of water coming through your drainage system. If less water is coming out of your gutters, the chances are high that you’ve some clogging and sagging spots.

Usually, twigs, leaves, and debris may get trapped in your commercial roof gutters. You’ll need to keep inspecting your commercial roof for clogging and sagging spots and seek the necessary commercial roof repair.

Otherwise, significant damage will occur to your commercial roof, which will cost you more to replace the entire business roof.

6. Damage by Contractors

Sometimes, different contractors will need to access your roof to do their work. Even though these professionals exercise a lot of caution in their work, accidents may occur.

Professional home inspection services can help you determine even the smallest damage to your roof. Your home inspector may recommend a minor commercial roof repair to prevent more roof damages from occurring.

If the damages go beyond repair, you’ll need to consider commercial roofing replacement services.

7. Shingle Damages

Various commercial roof systems make use of shingles. It’s advisable to inspect your shingles often, especially those found on steep slope commercial roofs.

Call your commercial roofing contractor upon noticing your shingles cracking, curling, and splitting. Also, you may notice moss growth. This implies that your commercial roof has water trapped inside.

Other signs of shingle damage include patchy and bald spots. With time, your commercial roof will age. Your commercial roof becomes a sign of potential trouble, accidents, and injuries at old age.

Consider a commercial roof replacement if your roof is getting old.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Like other construction materials, roofs are susceptible to wear and tear. Besides aging, hail storms and extreme temperatures contribute significantly to different roof problems.

If you keep ignoring your commercial roof issues at their onset, the damage intensifies. So, you’ll have to look for commercial roof repair and commercial roof replacement.

Commercial roof replacement can improve the safety of your building occupants. This will prevent you from facing expensive lawsuits and damage to your reputation.

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