7 Essential Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

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Summertime is around the corner, which means more pool days and cold drinks. However, did you know that the scorching sun can damage your roof? Consider preparing your home for the season to prevent your roof from breaking down.

People often don’t realize the benefits of summer roof maintenance until the bad side effects take place. This includes cracked shingles, irregular ventilation, and moss growth. So, how do you ensure that your roof is in good condition for the summer?

Read on for some roof maintenance tips to try today.

1. Look for Signs

A slight roof issue can create a ripple effect and create other issues in the house. With this, conduct an initial inspection and look for signs of roof damage. Discovering trivial issues in advance allows you to repair and prevent expensive repairs.

Many parts of the roof need an inspection, such as the eaves, shingles, and flashing. You must gear up and observe safety measures when looking around. Ensure to wear protective clothing and grippy shoes, as this will protect you from a potential fall and harmful UV rays.

Get a friend or family member to help you. If you ever get into trouble, you can rest assured someone has your back.

Start your inspection beneath the eaves for debris and collect them. Beware of insects and rodents as they often nest in the area. Next, look for loose metal strips because they can cause leakage when neglected.

Then, check the condition of roof painting and coating. Note to repaint and recoat it to extend the life of the roof. You must conduct regular inspection to ensure its good condition.

We recommend taking pictures of the roof for every inspection to compare differences.

2. Beware of Molds, Moss, and Algae

Summer means more humid days. However, this doesn’t only mean turning up the AC. This also encourages mold, moss, and algae growth, which can damage your roof.

Moreover, they can cause health problems, such as allergies and asthma. Look for signs of molds, moss, and algae in your house.

Molds often grow in walls, ceilings, and the attic. Check these areas as the temperature increases because it makes them spread fast.

You can find moss and algae on the roof. Regular roof care helps to prevent the accumulation of these microorganisms. Failure to get rid of the moss and algae can lead to roof decay.

You can use a brush or pressure washer to remove them. Install copper strips to extend the lifespan of the roof.

3. Clean Gutter

Gutters and drains direct the water flow traffic away from your house. Blocking them can result in flooding, deck damage, and deteriorating exterior siding. Moreover, a loose gutter can harm people entering and leaving the house.

Clean the gutter and drain systems to prevent damage. Leaves, nests, and trashes can block the gutter. Take nesting animals and crawling insects as a sign of a blockage in the system.

Climb your roof to remove the materials blocking the gutter and drains. Get all leaves, dirt, and other debris that can cause leakage. Look for any loose gutters and tighten them.

Run water using your hose to ensure block-free gutter and drains. Call for a professional when you find any leakage to fix it.

It’s vital to keep the gutter and drain system clean. Thus, include cleaning them in your roof maintenance.

4. Check Vents

One element that can keep the roof quality is ventilation. A good ventilation system guarantees the balance of air circulating in the house. Moreover, it prevents roof materials from reaching high temperatures.

First, check for any increase in your utility bill, not considering seasonal changes. A rising charge presents issues in the ventilation system. Next, go to your roof or attic to check the vents and the metal stripping.

Then, replace damaged stripping to prevent leakage and expensive repair. It can improve roof ventilation and keep the whole house in good condition.

5. Inspect Flashing

Roof flashing refers to the thin material used to direct water flow away from the critical areas. You can find them installed to surround vents, skylights, and chimneys. You can experience roof leakage without flashing.

It can lead to damage to the wall, ceilings, and exterior.

Check the flashing when conducting a roof inspection. Look for any issues, such as cracks and loose strips. Replace or repair them right away to reduce damage and save money.

6. Cut Tree Limbs and Trim Shrubs

Trees and ornamental shrubs increase the aesthetic of your outdoor space. They serve as shades and wind barriers. However, trees and shrubs pose risks to the roof, too.

Hails and storms can take place even in the summertime. The harsh wind can cause tree branches to break, fall or scrape the shingles. Leaves and petals can also clog your gutter.

With this, consider cutting tree limbs hanging low as part of your summer maintenance. Remove trees that can fall and trim ornamental shrubs with withering flowers. It prevents damaging shingles and reduces debris on the roof.

7. Ask For Help From Professionals

Hire a reliable roofing maintenance service for complex issues. Asking for help can reveal invisible problems, such as subtle wear and tear. Moreover, they can ensure the quality of the roof after inspection and reparation.

Service companies send professionals with enough knowledge of roof maintenance. They can conduct a thorough inspection and use proper equipment to fix problems. Hiring professionals to perform regular maintenance can prevent problems from developing, too.

With this, look for a trusted roofing service. Some things to consider are the accreditation, certifications, and reviews of the company. You can guarantee quality service when hiring the best in the field.

Tips for Summer Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance may not seem like everyone’s idea of a fun summer, but it can surely help to make it safer. Getting these things done ahead of time will allow you to avoid any roof-related issues in the future.

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