5 Fall Roof Repairs to Take Care Of

Fall Roof Repairs
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Did you know that 4 out of 5 homeowners have asphalt shingle roofs? There are a number of reasons for this including low cost and ease of repair. Asphalt roofs can last several decades before needing to be replaced.

That being said, it is essential to perform fall roof repairs, every year without fail. There is a big difference in cost between a roof repair and a roof replacement so it just makes good dollars and sense to keep up with your roof maintenance.

When you look at your roof, do you see issues that have you searching for a “roofing company near me”? If your roof needs repairs this fall, it is best to act quickly before small issues grow into bigger ones. Keep reading for the fall repairs your roofing contractor recommends.

Common Roofing Repair Needs

As one of Effingham, Illinois most trusted residential roofing companies, we have seen it all. Some issues are so obvious you can’t miss them. While other problems may be more difficult to spot, only coming to light with a careful inspection.

Missing Shingles

Mother nature can be a brutal adversary. Sunshine, Storms, winds, etc beat away at your roof until even the highest quality shingles begin to show signs of wear. A roof is only as protected as its weakest points.

A few missing shingles may seem like nothing to worry about but these weak points are where water and moisture get in and start to eat away at your subroof. If you notice missing shingles this fall, call your contractor and get them repaired before the snow and ice work their way in.


It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. A leaky roof simply won’t due as it will surely destroy your home over time. Leaks can be caused by improper installation of the roof and difficult to spot from the ground or even from on the roof.

The best way to check for leaks is from inside the attic. If you smell moisture or see mold, it is most likely because of a leak. Water damage in the attic is the best clue to where the water is leaking in.

Left unchecked, water damage will spread to your ceiling, walls, and even your home’s foundation. A proper roof inspection includes a careful assessment of possible leaks that need to be repaired.

Unlevel and Weak Areas

Another sign your roof needs repairs is when the roof bows in places. When a weakened area of the roof begins to show from the ground, it’s already a major issue that will likely require extensive repair of the subroof and replacement of plywood and/or beams.

During a roof inspection, contractors will walk the roof and look for weak points. Whenever and wherever the roof gives a little when stepped on is an indication of repairs needed.

Fall Roof Maintenance Checklist

Keeping a roof well maintained isn’t rocket science. There are some universal rules when it comes to proper care of a roof. Be sure to follow them and the most serious and costly roofing issues can be avoided.

1. Professional Roof Inspection

First things first. Find out what your roof needs. Think of a roofing inspection as a routine medical checkup for your roof.

Even if you feel fine and your roof looks great, there may be underlying issues that if caught early, can save you from disaster down the road. There is nothing to lose, contact us today for a free quality inspection.

2. Cleaning Gutters

Yes, it’s a boring, dirty, and tedious job but it is so important. Gutters are the system in which water is collected and removed from the roof. If your gutters are clogged they will not do their job correctly.

Water backed up and sitting in the gutters will freeze and can even break apart the gutters. If you have issues with your gutters filling up with leaves and sticks, you may want to invest in some gutter guards to make keeping them clean much easier.

3. Trim Back Trees

Trees are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they shade your home and save energy in the summer. But on the other hand, they make a wonderous mess in the fall.

It is a good idea to keep your trees in check by trimming them back every fall. Remove any dead branches and consider removing trees that are at risk of falling or losing branches that could hit your roof and cause damage to it.

4. Reseal Vents and Chimneys

Most leaks in a roof are going to be traced back to faulty flashing around edges, vents, and chimneys. This could be from less than perfect installation – a roofer might have made a mistake during the installation process.

The leaks could also pop up as the sealing used begins to fail. Another common cause is cracked or broken vents and vent covers. You should keep a careful eye on these common problem areas.

5. Perform Minor Repairs

We said it before and we will say it again – there is no such thing as too small a roofing issue to worry about. Don’t wait for minor issues to become structural issues. Get those minor repairs taken care of right away.

It’s Time: Fall Roof Repairs

You and your family need a roof over your head that you can trust to do its job. Before the bitter midwest snowfalls hit, it is now time for your fall roof repairs. Let our roofing experts handle everything.

From professional inspection to maximizing your investment by extending the life of your roof, Mid-State Construction and Roofing has you covered. Get your free assessment today.

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