5 Benefits of a Metal Roof You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you a homeowner or business owner in need of a new roof? 

The thing about roofs is that we often don’t think about replacing or upgrading them until something goes wrong. Maybe your roof has recently started leaking, cracking, or sagging. Perhaps it’s simply past its prime and you know that replacement is in the near future, but you’re waiting for the right moment.

There is one—and it’s now.

We implore you to act fast, considering the benefits of a metal roof while you’re at it. Home- and business owners alike have plenty of options when it comes to material, shape, size, and budget, so this article applies no matter what you’re outfitting.

Whether you need to replace a residential roof or a commercial one, keep reading to learn the advantages of metal.

1. You Won’t Need to Replace Your Roof for a Long Time

When properly maintained, the lifespan of a metal roof is longer than most, lasting anywhere from fifty to 75 years in best-case scenarios. Even more neglected roofs can last up to thirty years due to the material’s longevity alone, which is often steel or aluminum.

Metal roofs have incredible value over time, which makes any upfront costs seem small in the long run. Homeowners who buy homes with metal roofs may never need to replace theirs, as it can last decades and decades. Those who re-roof their homes may never do so again. 

The same applies to business owners looking for a worthy investment for their building.

This point is especially true in regions like Illinois that experience inclement weather such as thunderstorms, lightning, hail, snow, and/or damaging winds. Metal roofs will be able to handle all this—and the sun’s UV rays to boot—in a manner that surpasses many other roofing materials. 

2. Metal Roofs Prove to Be One of the More Energy-Efficient Choices

Metal roofs are energy-efficient for a variety of reasons.

First, their lifespan alone guarantees a long-lasting product that doesn’t require excessive maintenance or frequent replacing. They can last up to seven decades and are even recyclable once they’ve run their course as a roof. This environmental benefit is worth noting, as other materials can’t boast the same.

Additionally, metal roofs promote energy conservation inside the building. Proper ventilation technology means up to a 45% increase in heat savings during the winter due to less heat escaping. This air gap—which happens during installation—also translates to a 25% savings in cooling efforts.

In addition to its base environmental benefits, metal roofs can also be outfitted with a reflective coating that reflects the sun’s radiation—especially helpful for keeping buildings cool during sunny and warm summer months. 

Finally, many metal roofs are made from up to 25% of recycled content. And, none of these advantages compromise quality!  

3. They Have Retrofitting Capabilities for Later Updates

If you decide to go with a metal roof, you’ll enjoy knowing that you have options for your roof’s future. We’re talking about metal retrofitting.

Not every material has such prime retrofitting capabilities, but metal does. Retrofitting is when you add something to the roof that wasn’t previously there, an accessory or add-on—such as reflective, weather-resistant coating or foam roofing (a cost-efficient and effective fix for leaks). You can also consider updates like adding single-ply membranes, which provide an additional layer of insulation.

All these upgrades allow your roof to perform better, stave off deterioration, and save you time and money.

4. Metal Roofs Can Look Versatile—Not Just Like Slabs of Metal

Metal roof trends are called so far a reason. Metal roofs aren’t boring, cold panels of steel, as one might imagine; rather, they can be made to look all types of sleek, new age, professional, trendy, and more, depending on your tastes.

There are several design trends in metal roofing, such as:

  • Sleek and seamless
  • Embossed and ornate
  • Made to look like slate, minus the weight
  • Tiled 
  • Standing seam

The list goes on.

Additionally, metal roofs can be any color you’d like—not just grey. Metal roof colors run the gamut, from bright red or crisp white to yellow and earthy green. Metal can also withstand several types of paint finishes (mostly for practical reasons) and can offer interesting accents for detailing purposes.

In other words, you’ve got choices.

5. They’re a Breeze to Maintain, Unlike Some Other Options

Maintenance for metal roofs is almost nonexistent. Of course, we’re not suggesting you neglect it entirely—but the upkeep demands far less labor and fewer check-ups than other choices.

Often, any build-up of debris, such as snow or wet leaves, will slide right off the roof. Snow guards or snow rails are an option for protecting the space below, but you can rest easy knowing that sediment and other detritus aren’t accumulating. 

On an as-needed basis, clean any mildew, mold, or dirt off the roof and keep any gutters clear and free of build-up. If anything starts to build up, use tools to remove it. Cleaning is simple, requiring only soap and water.

It’s an incredibly easy job, but someone’s got to do it!

The Benefits of a Metal Roof Are Clear . . . The Rest Is up to You

Metal roofs aren’t your only choice, but as you can tell from this list, they’re a solid one. They last long, are easy to maintain, and are great at staving off wear and tear. Retrofitting is also an option down the line if you’re looking for an upgrade.

That makes them a perfect solution for the home or office.

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