20 Year Carlisle Fully Adhered Membrane Roof Replacement in Beecher City, IL

Mid-State Construction and Roofing Inc. has helped many business owners in the Beecher City, IL area with their construction and roofing. Here’s what we did for this business and what we can do for yours.

1. Remove EPDM rubber and insulation to wood decking.

2. Inspect and repair any bad decking @an extra cost above orginal contract

3. Mechanically attach 1”1\2 iso board 

4. Low rise Carlisle fleecback EPDM ruuber over insulation

5. Flash all protrutions according to manufactures specification.

6. Terminate all edges with  term bar 

7 Install new gutters on back of building

8. Dispose of all waste material 

9. Clean job site free from debris

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The demand for quality and personal service has aided Mid-State Construction and Roofing Inc. growth in the commercial and industrial market.  Many companies have positive referrals attesting the confidence of our customer base.  Not only the Companies alone, but many schools have also gained our confidence.  Mid-State Construction and Roofing Inc. has consistently received excellent ratings from manufactures, suppliers, and customers for its quality workmanship.

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