10 Tips for Commercial Roof Repair

One of the most overlooked parts of a house or building is the roof. Many business owners do not realize that they need to maintain their roof and even replace it after a certain number of years. If a roof isn’t repaired, it can read to rot, decay, and a variety of other structural damage. 

Whether it’s weather conditions, age, or other circumstances, you’ll need a professional to handle roof repairs. Anyone new to this process might get overwhelmed, but this guide will go over the ten tips for commercial roof repair. This will give you the confidence to find the right person for the job and make sure it’s all done correctly. 

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1. Twice a Year Roof Inspection

If you want to avoid any potential damage that might be costly and potentially dangerous, you’ll want to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof twice a year. They’ll be able to identify any potential compromises to your roof. 

Have the roofer check for any possible issues with the eaves, joints, vents, and skylights. Make sure that they inspect for any undetected cracks, leaks, weak spots, or sagging. Be sure to set up an appointment before winter sets in since this is a time when roofing issues might start.

2. Fix Leaks Immediately 

The worst thing you can do is ignore a leaking roof. This only spells out trouble for a commercial building owner. Over time, this leak will become worse and more costly to fix. 

Not only that, but there is a significant amount of damage it can do to your building, including electrical and equipment damage. It can also cause your roof to collapse. 

If there’s any indication that your roof has leaks, be sure to contact different roofing companies in your area right away. 

3. Keep Your Roof Clean

Like with any other aspect of your home or office space, you’ll want to keep your commercial roof clean. This can help you avoid any buildup of debris that leads to mold growth, clogs, or algae. 

These problems lessen the life of your roof, so be sure they have regular cleanings and that all equipment is clear of debris. This will preserve your commercial investment over time.

4. Avoid Walking on Your Roof

Although there are moments when it’s appropriate or necessary, the less traffic on your commercial roof, the better, it can make your roof weaker in a short period and result in more time and money spent trying to fix the damage.

If you need to walk on your roof, then install walk pads. This will stabilize the surface and prevent lasting harm. It can also prolong the lifespan of your roof.

5. Check Your Roof After Bad Storms

Not only should you be doing a bi-annual inspection of your roof, but you should also check your roof after a bad storm. If there is any severe weather, even if you don’t see signs of leakage inside, give your roof a check. Take note of any cracks, thick patches of leaves, and broken shingles. 

Be sure to also check the highest floor in your building. Look for any irregular circle shapes, wet spots on the floor, or any sounds of dripping water.

6. Avoid Pressure Washing 

It can be tempting to have your roof professionally power washed, but this can cause damage to the roofing materials. It forces dirt, debris, and water under the tiles. This is how mold and leaks make their way inside and cause rot to spread along the tiles. 

7. Unclog Drains and Gutters

Inspect your drains regularly for anything that might be blocking them. Don’t assume that you don’t need to worry just because your building is high and away from trees. 

Random items can get stuck over drains easily, even if it seems unlikely.

Check gutter systems as well and clean them regularly. This will help prevent the buildup of leaves and other solids that can easily get trapped. 

8. Clear Overhanging Tree Branches

Falling tree limbs can create a lot of damage to your roof, so it’s best to have trees pruned regularly. Additionally, you’ll want to get rid of any overhanging tree branches. This will ensure there’s no roof damage due to broken limbs, and it will keep the roof clear of falling leaves.

You’ll also want to keep your roof from gathering algae due to lack of sun.

9. Get Snow Cleared During Winter 

One thing you’ll want to avoid is letting snow sit on your commercial roof for an extended period of time. Ice cycles, leaks, dams, and other issues can occur. If you have a significant amount of snow, then be sure to hire an experienced snow removal specialist to keep your roof maintained during the winter.

10. Look for Professional Roofing Companies

Don’t try to repair a damaged commercial roof on your own. There are significant advantages to hiring a professional. You’ll be able to build a rapport with a roofer that knows what they’re doing and can be at your service when there is an emergency.

A professional roofer will also get the job done right and ensure you have specific tips on maintaining your roof in particular. 

Tips for Commercial Roof Repair

Did you know that 38% of Americans are not able to fix common household maintenance issues? This may explain why so many roofs go without any repairs for years and years until it’s too late.

Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these tips for commercial roof repair and talk to the right professionals. You’ll be saving yourself a big headache down the line, and that type of peace of mind is priceless.

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