10 Benefits of Hiring a Residential Roofing Company

Imagine how different the story of The Three Little Pigs would be if they had hired a residential roofing company. All three pigs would be lounging in their homes feeling comfortable and safe knowing that no amount of huffing or puffing from the big bad wolf could take down the roof.

But alas, they had no idea of the benefits of hiring a professional residential roofing expert. Luckily for you, you can learn from their mistake and take advantage of residential roofing services.

If you’re looking for more reasons to hire residential roofing contractors, read this list of 10 benefits below!

1. Safety

DIY roof projects are dangerous, even if you have the right equipment. Don’t risk a household accident that could land you in the hospital. Instead, hire professionals!

Residential roofing services have experienced professionals trained in safety protocols. They also have insurance to cover any potential accidents on the job.

2. Time

How much time does it take to search for residential roofing companies near me? About 30 seconds.

Now, how much time will it save you by hiring residential roofing experts to complete a project? Several days, or even weeks. Time is a non-renewable resource, so don’t waste it by trying to complete the project on your own.

When you hire residential roofing services you’ll also get an accurate timeline from start to finish. 

3. Advice on Building Materials

A residential roofing contractor can help you decide on which materials to use. Residential roof types vary based on the style of home, the weather in the area, residential codes, and your budget.

When you work with a professional, you can ask about all the different options and corresponding prices. Feel free to ask the contractor about maintenance and the average lifespan of different types of roofs too. 

Building material suggestions aren’t the only advice a residential roofing company can offer. They can also show you which materials look the best and how to get a great deal on supplies.

4. Better Price

If you visit your local hardware store or a larger home improvement retail chain you are going to spend more money on raw materials than a residential roofing company would. They have relationships with suppliers and can get everything they need for the project at a discount.

Roofing professionals also already have all the equipment they need to complete the job. If you were going to try to DIY, you would have to rent or purchase expensive tools that you may never use again.

So, if you are struggling with the labor costs or hiring a professional company, rest assured you are still spending less! Not to mention you are saving yourself several trips to the hardware store when you inevitably forget something. 

5. Warranty

Like your car and your cellphone, your roof comes with a warranty when installed by a professional. Companies may have different policies for the length of the warranty but it’s usually between 6 months and 3 years.

So, if your roof is damaged or needs residential roof repair within the warranty period, the contractor must cover the cost to fix it. Before hiring a residential roofing company, ask about their warranty.

6. High-Quality Product

You could try to make your own clothes or cook all your food from scratch but sometimes the outcome is better when you rely on a professional. The same is true for roofing.  

Just because you could build or fix your roof yourself, doesn’t mean it’s going to turn out as well as if a professional did it. And the risk of a low-quality installation could be serious, like a leaky roof, a hole in the roof, or a collapsed roof. If you want the job done right, contact a residential roofing company – you won’t regret it!

7. Identifying the Problem

What if your roof isn’t in need of a complete rebuild, but does need repairs? Should you do this work yourself or hire a residential roofing company?

You probably already know the answer to this question – call a professional! If you’re having a problem with your roof, such as a leak, you can count on a professional to diagnose and fix the problem right away. With complex roofing issues, you may not be able to see the underlying cause or the complete solution because you’re not a roofing expert. 

8. Long-Term

Most roofs can last more than 25 years when installed correctly. So, you can think about a roof replacement or repair as a long-term investment in your home. 

However, if you install the roof yourself, it’s more likely that there will be issues with it sooner than the 25+ year expiration date. This is yet another reason to hire a professional for your residential roofing project.

9. Build a Relationship

When you find a residential roofing company you like, keep their information handy! If you have questions or concerns about your roof, you now have a relationship with a company that you can speak to.

And as your picking a residential roofing company to work with, consider looking at customer reviews. These are people just like you that had a great experience and trust their residential roofing company partner. 

10. Peace of Mind

Above all, hiring a residential roofing company will give you peace of mind – and that is priceless! Stay under budget and on time when you trust the work to a professional company.

And with all the time you save not completing a DIY roof project, you could start another DIY project like a vegetable garden or a porch swing!

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There you have it – 10 reasons to skip the DIY roofing project and hire a residential roofing company instead. Less time, less money, and less hassle are just a few of the many reasons you should work with Mid-State Construction & Roofing, Inc.

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